Pollination Services

Wild insects are susceptible to pesticide poisoning and high mortality due to long, hard winters and are unable to give reliable and consistent pollination to provide your orchards and fields with the pollination required to ensure you have a plentiful crop.

If a fruit tree’s flowers are not visited by bees enough, its fruit can be small and deformed. By renting honey bees from the Ontario Honey Company, we will provide your fields and orchards with highly populated and robust honey bee hives. Guaranteed to be the best the industry has to offer.

We are also able to supply your store with 100 percent pure Ontario honey, Ontario pollen, and Ontario beeswax candles and soaps at a price to ensure you turn a profit.

If you would like to use the Ontario Honey Company’s bees to pollinate your crop, call or email Blair at (613) 328-3511 or Blair@OntarioHoneyCompany.ca